I can’t wait till Daphne comes back so I can have another ‘unicorn’ and do parties again.. I miss that extra income.

I won’t be doing them anything like how I used to, those parties where a damn production and really, I’m not trying to kill myself… just normal, easy Princess Parties with a pony unicorn and paint-a-horse… kids liked the games/crafts etc but it’s really the unicorn and paint-a-horse that brought in business… that’s AWESOME for me because those are the cheapest activities.

Why I think I’ll really prefer princess parties over the old model I used? I get to dress up like a princess. Duhhhh.

Too bad Jovie isn’t even slightly useful for this kind of thing.

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    My little girl will have princess parties, complete with a unicorn!
  3. elainethehorsegurl said: did you get my last comment? how do you get the unicorn’s horn stable on the horse’s head? i’m not crafty and tried to this for halloween…didn’t go well!
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