What if I threw in some pink lemonade cupcakes and all my gratitude?

(you think I’m joking but I’m serious. There isn’t enough time in a day and another working student would be fantastic)

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    I’m right now looking for a working student position starting october. only considered UK/IRE until now (cause closer to...
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    seriously though can I just go do this ):
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    I would make YOU lemonade and cupcakes if I could do thhis! But like everyone else I live too far away :(
  6. hydrocyanic--acid said: Ermagerd! I would absolutely do this if I didn’t live 500 miles away. Good luck finding someone! I would envy him/her terribly.
  7. floweringheart said: If I lived near you, you’d have to pay me NOT to do that
  8. m-gates said: Oh I would so do that, if only I lived near texas haha
  9. lielikeyoumeanit said: Haha wish I could be in two places at once
  10. dogitmayconcern said: If I lived in the area I’d come on down, I miss working around horses all the time. Though…I’m over qualified…
  11. p0ny-pony-h0rs3 said: YESSSSSSS why oh why do i live in england!
  12. baysfordays said: IF YOU WERE CLOSER YES
  13. describingtheineffable said: If only Chicago wasn’t so far away. :-/ Sidenote — I wasn’t sure if “pink lemonade cupcakes” was a real thing or a typo, so I googled and discovered a bunch of delicious-looking recipes! TCH: a never-ending source of inspiration!
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    If I wasn’t in Florida.
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    I’d love to if I could
  16. clcooper125 said: Shoot if you give me somewhere to live even if it’s a shack and I’m allowed to bring my horse, I would be all over that.
  17. kaleidoscopic-soup said: Would love to if I was in the area! :(
  18. spurbroke said: If I only Honeybee, Belle, and I lived in Texas. Summer roadtrip in the future? Perhaps. C;
  19. iamjegs said: I totally would!!! But I live in NYC :(
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    If I lived in that area I would do it in a heartbeat. Once a week at my barn isn’t enough for me, but I can’t afford...
  21. brightclear said: I would totally do this if I lived closer! Disappointed that I don’t haha.
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  23. mostlikelytosecede said: it literally hurts me when I see you post things like this AND I AM IN NEW ENGLAND.
  24. jumpinglines said: That depends… how much does a plane ticket cost to get to Texas?
  25. jumpsandbumps said: I would if I was in Texas ;)
  26. spankmeniall said: I WOULD if I wasn’t far away
  27. get-water-danisonfire-again said: I would but I’m so far away! (actually like grooming/tacking as much as actual lessons)
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