I’m having so much fun mapping my family tree, my mom and her sister have been supplying me with childhood memories of family long gone that i’m adding to the tree, as well as [really] old photos and the stories behind them…. it’s even giving me an excuse to ask my mom about some old photos of her I’ve collected over the years. Photos of my mom are few and far between so the ones I’ve collected are extra special to me despite not knowing the stories behind them.

Photos of my Dad are a totally different story entirely ;)

My dad is a badass. Photos from his younger years are abundant and consistently awesome. He went to college in the mid seventies and graduated with honors which is amazing considering how hard he ‘played’. He traveled the world on an adventure his friends/teamates titled ‘Fear and Loathing’ playing Ultimate frisbee when Ultimate was in it’s infancy…I’m sure you can guess what else they were doing too based on the name of their trip… 

These photos are of my dad and my equally badass god-father in Grindlewald, Switzerland on Eiger Mountain. Photos like these make me wish my Dad wasn’t my Dad… only so I could have been part of his group of friends back then! (Really though I am so thankful to the universe for giving me my dad and I wouldn’t want anyone else on the planet to take his place. He is one of my most influential role models and I hope I learn to be even half the person he is.) 

I’m really glad my Dad was as thorough about photo-documenting his adventures as I am about my own, I guess we know who I got that from… I can only imagine how much fun his Tumblr might have been ;)

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